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Mosaic is a NYC-based networking group comprised of experts within the entrepreneurial/social, media/traditional, media/technology spheres. Our goal is to create a group full of benevolent active networkers looking to help one another and be helped in return.

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What our members are saying:

In addition to the fabulous people and fun events, Mosaic has been a giant “brain-trust” for me. Whenever I need a referral, resource, or have a question, the group is right there with a response. Need to find a wecasting vendor? Done. Need to meet someone at a specific company? Done. Want congratulations on your latest success? Done. Not to discount the events of course. They are always full of what’s next and “hot” in the industry. I am so happy to have found this special group of people.

– Beth Granger, CEO, Beth Granger Consulting and Social Sales Training NYC

Not only have I gained a lot of opportunities, that I otherwise would not have acquired, through mosaic. I also found some of the funniest, intelligent, helpful people that I am happy to call my friends.

– Tess Kaytmaz, Community & Audience Engagement Manager

I love how welcoming Mosaic is. I came to Mosaic as a panicked project manager turned content manager. Initially, I was intimidated to join a networking group to learn about my new field. Thankfully, Mosaic proved me wrong. I am so happy to find welcoming, generous people here — and find that I know enough now to help give back.

– Laurie-Anne Vasquez, Writer, Editor & Screenwriter